Why this product? Problem statement & Solution

Why this product

Problem statement:

  • Automation and mechanization is increasingly taking over our work. These are spread out geographically and wiring them all together in one place is expensive/impossible.
  • Automation appears in various forms: Motors and actuators to drive something (like a valve or a contactor) or status indicators (dials or digital displays) that display the status of a process (like electrical meters, pressure gauges, power indicators etc.).
  • Manpower is getting expensive: It is difficult & expensive to employ trained man power to monitor these devices. These automation devices do not need full time monitoring but trained manpower is required. So it’s a catch-22: There is a need for trained manpower (expensive) but they can not be occupied full time.
  • Sometimes these automation devices are deep inside inaccessible or hazardous places (eg. Gas chambers). Reaching out to them during operation is difficult.


Manage these devices remotely over secure Wireless links. So a few people can now manage the remote equipment. Hazardous and inaccessible locations can also be monitored

1.A device with a camera that will provide good visibility to such equipment remotely and via a wireless link

2.That live video should be easily accessible on a phone/Tab/Laptop

3.A device that will also do the controls

4.A device that will store high resolution images of the working equipment in its own storage for recording history/sequence. Useful for analysis and root cause.

5.A device that has a sufficiently secure wireless/Wi-Fi connection and has a large range

…………………….was the motivation behind the design of the Wi-Fi Camera & Controller device