What I am looking for in investors

Following are some thoughts on what I expect from possible investors:

1.The investor needs to have a technical background to understand this product and its usage

2.The investor to participate in setting direction: I am not looking for a passive investor

3.The re-branding exercise: Investor to be reasonably connected to OEMs and marketing companies to position the product during re-branding discussions with OEM companies.

4.Investor to participate in the funding needs and plans: This is a high-technology product but with frugal investment requirements (I could build the fully functional prototypes myself ). I expect investments in customization & marketing exercises. A simple office will do.

5.To put a figure: 1 Crore (INR 10,000,000) in the 1st year. In US$ terms it is about $154,000 the 1st year

6.Revenues start immediately after a re-branding contract is done. I expect that to happen in 1 year. Then on, the growth can be jointly planned.