Use cases

What problem is being solved by this product?

  1. Enable people to watch and control their equipment in inaccessible or hazardous locations. They watch and control remotely from the comfort of their phone/Tablet/computer. All on a simple web-browser
  2. Store recordings at high resolution without the need of additional recorder infrastructure. The device stores within itself (storage space is configurable)
  3. Recordings made available as distinct high resolution images (5MP): No need to take screenshots of Videos to analyse, which anyway are usually less than 2MP
  4. Easy to install: Just place it and connect to its Wi-Fi. No wires, except for controlling  power to equipment via its relays.

The following use cases:

Monitoring electrical panels and MCBs remotely


Maintenance in factory needs visibility in inaccessible locations:


Security requirement: The need to be able to read vehicle number plate from a distance. Something that is only possible with a high resolution picture



Biotech industry: The need to watch samples in growth chambers


Connect to Microscopes and telescopes- eyepiece and watch on the large screen