Customization & Rebranding

For a quick overview video: YouTube Link

Value Proposition

Features and specifications implemented so far (and described ) provide only a glimpse of the possibilities of the usage of the product.

We encourage viewers to ask for a full demonstration of the WiFi-Camera-controller device and initiate a discussion with us on adapting it for their application.

Customization is possible at almost all levels. Specifically the following:


  1. User-interface: The web page can be tailored for a usage, to include application specific requirements. Example: Triggering of a control sequence of relays on choosing an option. Or Changes to camera options or picture storage sequence in the internal data store etc
  2. Custom software that runs on the device: Like executing a specific control sequence depending on field data inputs: Example: Controlling of the temperature of an oven in a local loop, where it reads temperature levels and controls the  heating rate. Or motion sensing etc.



Following possibilities:

Camera: Can be adapted for easy attachment to devices like microscopes and telescopes or eye-pieces in general

Battery: Larger Amp-hour batteries for longer duration without external power

WiFi: Higher range (beyond 300ft)


  1. More relays and more power handling capabilities or faster controls via Triacs or Mosfets or IGBTs.
  2. Ability to take inputs electrically : Like status of a filed device and reporting it or taking action (like  a closed loop control)
  3. Reading analog inputs and reporting them over the WiFi interface

Mechanical dimensions: Tailored to adapt to a requirement.

For a quick overview video: YouTube Link