Business Plan

We see this product as an enabler:

The basic core unit (comprising of the Camera; the compute module; the WiFi transmission module; the Relay section and the Battery bank) can be adapted to the requirements of an application.

These applications can range from remote monitoring & control of field devices; electrical panels to Security; Biotech applications; Factory maintenance equipment. In general any application that requires remote viewing & recording (at high resolution) and control can make use of this core module.

At this point, it may be a good idea to revisit the following links:

Product over view  Applications  Customization & re-branding Specifications Use-cases

What I am looking for in investors

With that in view, the business plan entails the following:

To begin with: Re branding for OEMs, so sales/marketing becomes easy (less investment)

Stage A

 Identifying OEM vendors who could use this module in their existing products to enhance value: For example

    • Electrical Panel manufacturers– a highly competitive industry: Such Panel manufacturers, can incorporate this module as a value add to allow remote monitoring and control- like a Telepresence. So people need not be sitting in front of the Panel to know various readings of meters and alarm status. Note: People still trust the good old local meters (with local displays), over wired transmitters. Also, such transmitters are only available in an expensive SCADA system and not in installations which are cost sensitive.
    • Pressure gauge and temperature gauge manufacturers: The industry still trusts the time tested locally installed devices (with local display). They could be happy to use a camera device that beams out the readings
    • Biotech growth chamber manufacturers: To remotely monitor (24X7) cellular/plant growth inside chambers.
    • Motor and similar equipment manufacturers
    • Microscope/telescope vendors: Who need high resolution+live display+ recording and control of lighting (for good images).
  1. Identifying OEM vendors who could build independent products to supplement their business line: Example:
    • Security product manufacturers (ATM monitoring for example) that needs high resolution to identify people or automatically read vehicle number plates without stopping the vehicle.
    • Low cost Field Controllers to watch & control field devices like motors/pumps. These controllers can have custom control software that we develop for their requirement

Stage B

Build sample products which comply with the requirements of these OEMs

Stage C

Get them approved and:

  1. Do a manufacturing tie-up or
  2. license out the whole design minus the software

Work out the product support details and its duration with the OEM

Investment :

Typically about Rs 1000,000 (approx about $160,000) for 1 year.

Split as follows:

What next?: Decide during the above 3 stages

Marketing: 30%

Engineering: Customer Adaptation & demo: 40%

Services : 20%

Misc: 10%