A portable Camera & Relay controller that beams live video to a web-browser on your phone/Tab/Laptop. You can also remote control your equipment with its relays….and more!

Recognitions and awards:

Update Nov 2-3 2017: NASSCOM product conclave:  Jury Choice award for the Machine Learning Enabled long range video camera.

Update: Sept 10: In the recently concluded IOT-India Congress (http://iotindiacongress.com/) meet held in Bangalore (Sept 7th & 8th 2016), the developer of the product, also the founder of Wireless controls was judged as a winner of the “Thought leadership award”.

Details at http://iotindiacongress.com/thought-leadership-awards/

Update: June 27th 2016: RecognitionThis startup (Wireless Controls) has been selected by Nasscom (www.nasscom.in) as an ‘iconic start up in the IOT space’ and one of the top 25 startups in the IOT space in the country. This was after an extensive evaluation exercise carried out by prominent members from the industry and the academia. The product evaluated was this Wi-Fi camera & IO controller. Nasscom is a Govt of India representation in the IT/IOT space. I am grateful and humbled by this recognition.

We are grateful and humbled by these recognitions

For a quick overview video: YouTube Link 1 : Youtube Link2

Product update alert (October 10 , 2017): A new product with high video quality has been released. This, together with the current product provides a dual camera solution for demanding surveillance and control requirements. The combo now provides high resolution video plus high resolution images (8 Megapixel) stored locally in the device for getting to that last pixel detail! Details on the high quality video product click here

Accolades for this featureNov 2-3 2017: NASSCOM product conclave:  Jury Choice award for the Machine Learning Enabled long range video camera

For a quick overview of the product & the company: About  The Camera controller-product;  The problem this product solves

Click on this link for : Why this product? Problem statement & solution

Simple to use:

  1. Place this portable “Wifi-camera-controller” in the location you want to remotely  watch. Point its camera to your equipment/devices under watch.
  2. Connect your phone/Tab/Laptop to its WiFi signal, using the WPA2/WEP password ….that’s it !…..you are ready! No video or control cables to lay!
  3. Optional: You can connect its relay outputs to your devices that you wish to turn-on/off remotely from your phone. You can also connect its status input (digital input) to devices whose status you want to know. Note: Your camera anyway beams out its status to you
  4. The device has its own battery backup for all of its functions, including relay controls
  5. Key in the url:    HTTP://<ip-address-of -the-device>/img.php and go. Example will open up:


The above is a screen shot of the webpage as seen on a laptop (Chrome web browser).The Wifi-camera-controller was used to control a pressure pump. What you see in the window picture (motor) is a snapshot of a live video streamed by the device to the webpage.

Usage above described: The pump-motor was to be started and then stopped when an indicator on the panel (white) started glowing (target pressure reached). The user mounted the portable WiFi-camera-controller in front of the motor (as is seen) and wired one of its relay outputs to the motor starter contactor-relay with 2 short wires. Sitting in his office, he could manage the operation from his laptop over a  simple Chrome web-browser. No wiring for video signal or power was required. The only wires he connected: 2 short wires from the device relay to control the motor-contactor. That was all! The complete setup was achieved in 5 minutes ie as long as it too to wire the relay outputs.

The way it works:  Tab running the Chrome-browser. The user keys in the IP address of the WiFi  and remotely watches the pump on the shop floor. he also controls it via its relays. The relay controls are also on the web-page


Additionally, the WiFi Camera Controller device stores high resolution images (5 Mega Pixel) in a rapid-capture mode. The storage depth is configurable and depends on the attached storage capacity.

Note: The range 300ft is only indicative with moderately powered WiFi transceivers. Ranges over a Kilometer can be achieved using high power and approved transceivers.

Typical usage in a plant, where dial gauges/ammeters/indicators are high above and attached to the pipes/motors/actuators etc:

wifi link
Reading a far mounted pressure gauge on his Tab

The plant engineer needs to take readings from the pressure gauge mounted above. Normally, he would have to reach to it using the mounted ladders. The WiFi camera controller device mounted above and facing the set of pressure gauges there, allow the engineer to take readings from all the gauges in one go, while directly viewing them on his Tab.

Some more usecases: This one- with one WiFi camera controller device, the key indications on the electrical panel can be read in one go. Earlier they had a person sitting there reporting the readings, particularly the alarm light: The WiFi camera controller device was simply placed in one corner as can be seen and the plant engineer connected to it from his laptop over the WiFi link . He was then able to directly view the entire panel directly off his laptop. They subsequently connected to the start and the stop button and managed the operation remotely, with no person on site.


In action: 

The staff had to go down the pit 3 times a day to get the reading. Now they it do it directly from the laptop (screen shot of a live session below). The picture you see is a screen shot of a live video playing as a window in the web-browser. To its right are the various controls (explained further)


Controls explained: Located to the right side of the Video window.


For more on applications:Click-here

For detailed specifications: Click-here

Camera options: (user selectable)

Exposure modes: Auto; Night and Extreme Night; Back-lit; Spot-light; Sports; Snow; Beach; Long-exposure; Fixed frames per sec; Anti-shake correction; Fireworks.

Note: Night and Extreme-Night modes provide stunning clarity even in low  lights.

Fixed Frames per sec provide the best video viewing experience

Video resolution modes (as seen on the web-page):

  1. UXGA(1600X1200 pixels): To be used for extreme clarity and when the  WiFi link signal strength and speed are excellent
  2. XGA(1024X768 pixels): To be used for high clarity and when the WiFi signal strength and speeds are very good
  3. Super-VGA(800X600 pixels): For reasonably good clarity and when the wifi signal strength is not the best.
  4. VGA (640X480 pixels): For a monitoring view when the WiFi signal strength is moderate.

Highlight: On clicking on the live video window, a high resolution image (full 5 Mega-pixel) is beamed down to the browser – this opens in a separate tab on the browser.

Point  to Note: Unlike most camera-devices, where one can either be in Video mode (max resolution of a Full HD) or in the Camera mode. This device is able to get the best of both worlds: Not only are you able to see live video in high resolution, but you are also able to view and store (continuously) high resolution -5 Mega pixel images live. 

Other controls:

  1. Rapid storage of high resolution pictures locally: Typically One picture every 300 msec. Storage: 11 separate directories. Storage and directories are configurable.
  2. Local viewing of instantaneous captures: Click on the video and a high resolution picture (5 Mega-pixel) – instantaneous target image, opens up in a separate tab on the browser. Can be done several times- each time with a separate instantaneous high resolution capture.
  3. Digital output relays: 4 relays that can be controlled remotely from the webpage user interface.
  4. Battery backup: For the entire unit, including the relay controls. Lithium Ion chargeable batteries, with provision for continuous charging during operation. So for short durations (typically a few hours, no external power may be necessary)

For a quick overview video: YouTube Link

For detailed specifications: Click-here

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